Aggressive Driving on the Road

Aggressive drivers are drivers who are impatient, always in a hurry, and easily irritated. These attitudes are often the cause of highway problems and road accidents, the ninth-leading cause of human deaths. A lot of people have died on the road because of lack of discipline and road rage. To avoid this problem, a lot of transport and taxi companies conduct training and push their drivers to practice disciplined driving at all times.

The following are the typical driving mistakes and reasons behind aggressive driving. These areas are what should vehicle operators should focus on their training for their drivers.

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Aggressive Driving

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1. Too much honking

I can’t exactly tell why many drivers just love to honk their horns. Do they love the sound it makes? Because excessive blowing of horn won’t blow the cars away in front. It will only irritate the people inside the other vehicles on the highway. It becomes alarming when a driver doesn’t care honking near hospitals and schools. Reminder: horn should only be used for emergency cases. Too much pounding of horn won’t speed up the traffic.

2. Not wearing of seat belts

Many drivers think they don’t need to use the seat belt especially if they are driving at a low speed and in roads with less traffic. Most countries are strict when it comes to seat belt rule while some consider non-wearing of seat belt a secondary offense, which means, drivers who choose not to use it can’t be ticketed. But companies who want to ensure the safety of their drivers should enforce the use of seat belt at all times.

3. Stopping at No Stopping areas

Stopping at No Stopping zones has become a habit of many drivers. Dropping and picking of passengers in these areas are dangerous. Drivers should load passengers in safe areas where passengers will not be at risk of being run over by other vehicles.

4. Using cell phones while driving

According to studies, use of cell phone while driving is the leading cause of accident on the road today. Drivers find it hard to ignore their phone if they hear it ringing and it can be very distracting. The good news is, you have a control over this, you can prevent this kind of accident from happening.

5. Frequent switching of lanes

Aggressive drivers tend to change lane if the vehicle in front of them is very slow. This is an indication of being impatient and this is a perilous road habit especially if the driver does not use signals when changing lane, which can cause accidents.

Monitoring Driver’s Behavior

Bad driving behavior can affect your business. Bad driving habits can cause accidents and it can hamper the growth of your business. Losing assets and manpower is just one of the consequences your business may face as a result of poor driving habits of your employees. It’s important that you are aware how your drivers behave on the road.

With GPS tracking technology, you will be able to keep track of your drivers’ performance. Installing Trackimo device on your fleet allows you to keep track of your driver’s road behavior. You can set a speed limit on the system and you will automatically receive an alert if the vehicle is running at a speed past its limit. The system can also give you insights of where and when your vehicle violated traffic rules. GPS tracking solutions will help you ensure your vehicle’s and your driver’s safety.

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