Prevent Your Drone from Flying Away

Losing your drone is one of the things that you don’t want to happen when you are flying it. Because of its nature, you can watch your $1000+ device fly away only in a matter of minutes—and it can happen just because of a small error.

First of all, look at some of the recommendations. You should always start up by buying a beginner drone, which will cost between $20 and $100. It will be less frustrating and you won’t lose much money when it’s lost. When you fly these simple drones, you will gain a lot of experience.

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Lost Drone

Common Reasons Drones Are Lost

A recent research study conducted by Wall Street Journal revealed that 1 of every 3 users lose their drones during flights. These flyaways either end up in expensive repairs or a complete loss. You should avoid flying over water or near areas with obstacles.

There are many drones with technology that can lock location of your home. You have to put the drone near home for a reasonable amount of time so that it locks GPS coordinates. If you fly these drones without giving it time to lock location, it may return somewhere else as being home. It can be a field or location that you flew weeks ago. Your drone may head to this direction before it’s out of power—and crash.

Another reason people lose their drones is due to losing orientation. When the drone reaches a distance, new users struggle to understand what they do to get it back. This is the reason most drones are lost, and this is the reason people should buy cheap drones before getting those that are priced higher than $1,000.

How to Prevent Your Drone from Getting Lost

Owners can do a number of things to prevent it from getting lost, like put different colors on the legs. You can color it back and front so that it can been seen from a long distance. Another problem that most drone owners face will be software glitches. Make sure the software you are using is updated to prevent flyaway.

If your remote does not connect, you’ll be away from the range of drone. If you are too far, then it may be difficult for you to regain control and get it back.

Interference can be the reason for some users. Record frequency of your drone and find out which things can influence it.

Keep in consideration that drone technology is still not matured and there will be many more inventions in future. You have to utilize these methods in order to prevent flyaways. It is likely that in future, drone technology will get exposure and engineers will make drones that can be tracked easily. Currently, if you want to track it, you will need a separate tracker that will help you in case of flyaways. You can keep these small points in consideration so that your investment won’t fly away from you.

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