Pet Monitoring Using GPS

Pet monitoring using GPS or global positioning system means you don’t have to worry anymore about your pet getting lost. As a pet owner, you have to accept the fact that your dog won’t stay still in one place. They are bound to move around, even far away. This can’t be stopped nor prevented, but what you can do is find a tool, particularly a pet monitoring device, that will help you keep an eye on your pet at all times. So when you call them and they don’t show up immediately, you only have to consult your GPS tracker to know your their whereabouts.

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How Pet Monitoring Using GPS Technology Helps Owners

Many pet owners are now using real-time GPS animal tracker like Trackimo tracker. Trackimo is a tiny yet feature-rich GPS device you can use for pet monitoring. The package includes a Velcro kit so you can attach it to your pet’s collar.

Just take it out of its box and the device will be ready for use. Pet monitoring using GPS starts the moment you turn on the device. Once tracking is finished, the GPS device can provide you the following tracking information:

Date and time—the exact date and time—up to the millisecond—of the pet’s arrival

Route—a plot of the route or places and every turn your pet has made in the map, all marked with dotted lines

Period—data on how long your pet has stayed in a particular place

Distance traveled—whether your pet has walked, run, or just rolled in the garden, the device can show you how far it has gone

Pet GPS Tracker

Those data are always available and downloadable from the device. The GPS tracker costs only $139, that’s including a one year international cellular service, meaning you can do pet monitoring using the device wherever you are in the world.



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