The Number of Drones Registered in Georgia Are Over 1000

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), over 1,000 drones have been registered in Georgia.
Drone registration is a process that was made compulsory for all drone owners by the FAA. A list of all registered drones was released recently. The list contains the list of registrations by state, city, and zip code. The list does not contain names or addresses so as not to breach the privacy of those who registered.

Over 900 casual drone users have registered in Georgia, while there are almost 150 commercial drone registrants in Georgia. These include law enforcement agencies.

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Commercial Drones


The FAA regulations say that anyone who owns a drone more than 0.5 pounds must register the drone before flying it outdoors whether for recreational purpose or for commercial use.

As it stands a lot of people haven’t registered yet, the FAA hopes that registration of drones would instill a sense of responsibility in each drone owner. After each owner has registered his drone, the FAA hopes to send educational information to each drone owner’s e-mail address.

There is a charge of $5 for registration, and those who fail to register may be charged as much as $27,500. It is advised that drone owners present a proof of registration when using their drones.



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