Missing man named Omer Mateen

A missing man named Omer Mateen has been gone for over two years now, and his distraught family is appealing to the public for information about the father of one who went missing while working.

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Muhammed Omer Mateen

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Thirty-one-year-old Mateen has been missing since March 2, 2014. On that faithful day he went missing, he took a check worth almost $410,000 as he was accompanied by his driver. He took it from his telecoms and IT Infrastructure Company in Jumeirah Lakes Towers to a branch of Mashreq Bank.

The driver was caught with some of the money and was subsequently jailed. However, the missing man named Omer Mateen is nowhere to be found with his family refusing to believe he would abscond and leave behind his wife and daughter, who was by then merely a year and a half years old. The wife of Mateen, Nida Omer, insists she has no clue what happened to him.

Family Weeps for a Missing man named Omer Mateen

“I feel doomed and my daughter asks me, ‘Where is my father?’ and in the very next moment, she says, ‘My abu [father] is in mama’s mobile.’ She keeps scrolling through her father’s pictures,” said Mrs. Omer, who left the UAE for Pakistan weeks after her husband’s disappearance.

“Sometimes she remains quiet for days, and when the teacher in her school asks about her father, she weeps.

“My parents-in-law are taking care of us, but we miss Omer. I cry loudly sometimes. We are all in continuous agony and extreme suffering.”

Mrs. Omer has asked the general public to come forth with any useful information they may have on her missing husband.

Omar Mateen Wife

Daily Mail

“I request people in the UAE to help and kindly share any tangible information to end the misery of old, sick parents and his little daughter. Pain is evident on our faces,” she said.

Pakistan’s embassy in Dubai said it had been in contact with Dubai Police about Mateen.

A spokesman claimed the local authorities believed Mateen was not in the UAE but rather in Pakistan. He also made mention that the embassy had informed Mateen’s father.

However, Qurban Hussain, Mateen’s father, said he is not convinced his son was staying or hiding in Pakistan.

“His passport was at home the day he disappeared,” he said. “Whether alive or otherwise, we believe he is in the UAE. I fear that something wrong has happened to my son. I don’t want to even think about it but I fear that someone might have kidnapped or even killed him for money.

“We are in an extreme state of stress and anxiety. These two years have been terrible for us. We just want to know whether our son is dead or alive.”

Rustam Extreme Solutions, where Mateen works, believes and also has also declared to the police that he had absconded with the money.

Mateen earns about $1,633 a month according to his wife. “Despite working hard, day and night, my husband used to face salary delays for months,” she shared.

She added, “He used to be upset because the office environment was very stressful and humiliating.”

Dubai Police would not comment on the case, which remains under investigation.



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