Variety of Black GPS Jammers

Many users rely on GPS for tracking and other purposes and any potential interference to the system could compromise the system’s accuracy. Other tools like GPS jammers can affect the performance of a GPS Tracking unit like Trackimo and could hamper its ability to gather especially crucial information.

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Methods of GPS Jammers

Reasons Why GPS Must Work

These are the instances when GPS devices must function perfectly:

  • Using GPS tracking to complete law enforcement tasks. This includes rescue missions, monitoring sex offenders, or monitoring prisoners on parole. To elaborate the last item, police authorities use the tracking system to track prisoners’ movements without leaving their posts. They can monitor the parolees on their computers through GPS software that provides alerts if the prisoner enters an area he’s not supposed to go.
  • Using GPS tracking to protect fleet from theft. The device helps fleet managers protect their vehicles, and in case their asset is stolen, quick recovery is assured, giving the company a chance to receive lower insurance premiums.
  • Using GPS tracking for real-time monitoring. This allows fleet managers to keep track of their assets and prevent unauthorized usage of their vehicles.
  • Using GPS tracking to observe their spouse’s movements. Yes, some now use tracking system to check their partner’s whereabouts and know if they are cheating on them.

In these instances, the person who is being tracked will be glad to deactivate the device if they can find a way to. Luckily, GPS jammer is available.

GPS Jammer and Other Signal-Restricting Devices

So when can you use a jamming or blocking device? What other tools can you use to cut off the GPS signal and stop it from functioning?

There are many ways to confound or interrupt the tracking device depending on the type of tracker used, whether it’s passive or active GPS tracking device.

The direct way to avoid being tracked is to destroy the GPS device and make sure that it no longer functions. But if the purpose is to just tamper it secretly without the knowledge of the installer, then it’s easy to block or weaken the transmission of the tracking device.

1. Metal shields

This is the cheaper option. Just enclose the tracking device with any metallic covering such as brass mesh or a lead camera film protector. Allegedly, thieves use refrigerated trucks to convey vehicles installed with GPS tracking device to avoid being tracked.

2. GPS jamming gadgets

This is mostly sold online. Plug it into a 12v adapter in the vehicle and it can now disrupt GPS radio signal within 30 ft.

3. Mobile phone jammers

This device is a cellphone jammer, which means it prevents cellphone use. If one is using an active tracking device, this jammer will prevent the wireless tracker from sending real-time location updates.

4. GPS spoofing gadgets

This is an illegal and considered a risky gadget because it gives fake radio signal that supersedes the genuine data being transmitted by the GPS device. This is harmful particularly for commercial users.

Although tampering with GPS tracking device is a rare occurrence, it still happens, that’s why it’s necessary for all users to know different methods of how these GPS jammers work. It will help you formulate a solution if you encounter this kind of problem in the future.

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