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  • Why Luxury Car Owners Should Invest in a Reliable GPS Tracker

    One way to tell if a person is successful is by the car that they are driving. As the old saying goes, if you have it, flaunt it. Have you noticed the kind of cars the wealthy individuals own? It’s not like the ordinary—that’s because cars are like a status symbol for them. They drive luxury cars worthy to be put in museums like pieces of art. These are also the kind of cars that we call thief magnets.

    Exotic cars are rogues’ favorite targets. Fortunately, technology today made it hard for them to snatch it right under the owner’s nose. Car trackers devices have become a very effective tool in alerting car owners when their vehicle is stolen.

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    Luxury Car Owners

    Why Luxury Vehicles?

    It’s obvious why vehicle thieves would choose luxury vehicles as their targets. Luxury cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Rolls Royce, BMW, and Mercedes Benz are high-class, powerful, and with unique features that are not found in less expensive vehicles. It is simply built for the rider’s comfort and image. A luxury car represents the individual’s socioeconomic status.

    GPS Tracking Systems

    Real-time 3G GPS trackers like Trackimo are capable of recording the accurate location of a vehicle at any given time. The information is sent immediately to off-site servers where the system operator can access it. The tracking data covers digital mapping like Google Earth, then analyzes and simplifies the data it has collected into a detailed information on driving activity.

    But GPS tracking’s best feature is its ability to monitor the car and send alerts to luxury car owners the moment it detects a vehicle movement without the owner driving it. Using one of its several excellent features—geo-fencing—the owners can establish a virtual perimeter around their extravagant cars and receive alert through e-mail or text message the instant their car moves out of the perimeter while the feature is activated.

    Through this GPS tracking system, the car owner can immediately contact the police authorities and provide them the location information from the live GPS feed so the police can arrest the thieves and retrieve the stolen vehicle.

    But it’s not just luxury cars that are at risk of being stolen. Thieves do not look at the person’s prestige and success when looking for a target victim. But investing in GPS tracker software can improve the safety of your vehicles particularly the expensive ones. With real-time tracking, luxury car owners can now afford to sleep sound at night.



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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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