Improve Driver Performance with Fleet Tracking Solutions

There are plenty of ways to improve driver performance, one is to use GPS fleet tracking solutions. Not only will it help you gather information about your driver’s driving habits, it will also give you potential savings through efficient fuel consumption and regular vehicle maintenance schedule.

If you’re going to use GPS fleet tracking for business, it’s essential that you notify your employees regarding your plan. Many of our clients observed that informing them about the installation of GPS technology on the company fleet can affect or improve driver performance. The improvement in behavior is already evident within just a few weeks from the news dissemination.

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But letting your employees know about the implementation of fleet tracking is not enough. It is also important to discuss with them your aim in adopting such solution to allow them to improve their performance on their own.

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For those employees who engage in bad driving habits such as speeding, sudden acceleration, hard braking, idling, etc., and don’t have the initiative to improve on their own, you can identify them using the fleet tracking solutions.

Tracking remote employees is a challenging task. Talk to them and let them understand that such activities cost serious money the company has to shoulder and discuss with them the consequences if they continue the bad habits. And do not forget to tell them in detail the benefits of fleet monitoring systems.

Improve Driver Performance by Providing Incentives

Another method that was used by some clients to improve driver performance was set up a friendly competition between employees and give rewards to top performers. This strategy is a win-win solution to both employer and drivers because it will improve driver performance, which means an increase in business profit for you while providing fun and reward for the top-performing employees. Some companies have devised an incentive program to motivate employees to practice good driving habits.

Here are a few suggestions for employee incentives to improve driver performance:

  1. Cash Incentives or Gift Certificates—this is an attractive offer. You can give it as rewards to the best fleet driver. As for your criteria, choose an employee with the lowest downtime, fewest violation tickets, lowest accidents, or combination of all.
  2. Driver of the Month—while this recognition has no cash rewards, you can give them various privileges instead
  3. Team Incentive—instead of the individual award, you can give out rewards for the whole team if they hit company goals such as reaching a specific number of tasks done or zero accident within a particular period. Treat them to a dinner, throw a pizza party, or allow them an early off on Friday for a longer weekend.

There are many more ideas you can follow. This way, your drivers will response positively to your plan of monitoring company vehicles.



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