Guide on Important GPS Device Facts

There are GPS device facts that you need to know. Global positioning system or simply known as GPS is a network of satellites that orbit the earth at certain points around its axis. The satellites send down signals to those who have a GPS receiver on hand, which then calculates both the time and geographical information of the device. This technology was initially developed solely for military purposes, but after being introduced to the public, it has since been a necessity for civilians who turn to the device for directions.

GPS has extended its usage to a variety of purposes, particularly for individuals who own vehicles. From fleet managers looking to monitor their trucks to suspicious spouses who wish to ease their minds about the possibility of their partners cheating, there is no doubt that knowing some GPS device facts is a major player when it comes to vehicle tracking. GPS devices are classified into two: loggers, which record the vehicle activity and stops made for a set period of time, and live trackers, which give real-time updates of the vehicles whereabouts and activity.

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Global Positioning System


Some GPS Device Facts to Guide You

If you happen to be looking for a GPS tracking device and don’t quite know where to start, then below are some helpful GPS device facts and a few things you should keep in mind when buying GPS devices.

Research if you need a logger or a live tracker

There is a fundamental difference between loggers and live trackers. As mentioned above, live trackers deliver real-time information, whereas loggers are usually for those who don’t require immediate tracking details. Choosing between the two comes down to personal decision. Try to see which type of tracker will greatly answer your needs.

Order your tracking device from legitimate providers

Due to its popularity, tracking devices are sold online or in stores. Search for legitimate providers like Trackimo. Trackimo offers tracking devices that can be hardwired to your car using its vehicle kit.

Make sure that tracking devices come complete with instructions

Other devices run on regular alkaline batteries, while many others require an initial full charge before using. In Trackimo’s case, mounting the GPS tracker on your vehicle means that it eliminates the need to constantly charge the device.

GPS Device Facts

Live GPS trackers require activation/registration

One of the main GPS device facts that you need to know is the differences between loggers and live trackers. Live trackers typically require a monthly fee for GPS services. Trackimo offers one year of free use, with $5 for the months following that. Like other GPS devices, you may begin live-tracking by activating the device on the company’s Web site where you will enter your credit card details for billing purposes.

GPS loggers require a PC to download the data

After removing the logger from your vehicle, you need to download the data on to a computer in order to create more space in the device. Note that loggers only keep the tracking data for a certain period, so you might want to be able to retrieve it before it gets overwritten.

Most GPS devices have a companion app

Trackimo’s companion app is accessed through compatible mobile devices or through a secured web site. That being said, the devices must be connected to the internet so the user can view the GPS data.

Attach the GPS tracking device under the car should you wish to track it discreetly

In the series Breaking Bad, the main character placed the logger underneath the vehicle. Here’s another GPS device fact: private investigators need to be a little more discreet. They usually come up with strategies when it comes to placing the tracking device in places where it will not be spotted.

Familiarize yourself with laws pertaining to vehicle tracking in your area

Note that vehicle tracking without an individual’s consent may be illegal where you live, so see to it that you discuss this with authorities first.



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