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  • Having Complete Control of Your Fleet

    Nobody can deny the importance of fleet monitoring in businesses that use a fleet of vehicles to provide products and services to their customers. By using GPS for fleet monitoring, you will have a complete control over your fleet and gain significant financial benefits.

    Fleet Monitoring with Trackimo

    Trackimo offers countless of benefits for companies that rely on fleet for their business. It is the most cost-effective GPS fleet monitoring device out there. It allows you to better manage your fleet while cutting down operation expenses. It’s the answer to every fleet management problem.

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    Importance of Fleet Monitoring Using GPS Devices

    1. Helps you save on fuel costs

    Fleet monitoring allows you to monitor your driver’s behaviors that may cause unnecessary fuel consumption like speeding. By monitoring field worker, the fleet manager will see a reduction in these expenses. Many fleet tracking systems allow speed limit configuration, which lets the fleet manager know when a vehicle exceeds the programmed speed limit through SMS or e-mail alert.

    Other factors that can contribute to high fuel usage is excessive idling, route optimization, and unauthorized usage. But through fleet monitoring, these can be prevented.

    2. Reduces operational expenses

    Another importance of fleet monitoring is it helps businesses find ways to cut down on operating costs. GPS tracking units such as Trackimo can help fleet managers find the shortest routes for its fleet vehicles to reach its destinations, which can result in reduced travel time and expenses on fuel.

    3. Ensures safety

    The safety of its users is Trackimo’s top priority. Installing tracking units on every fleet vehicle means fleet managers know where the vehicles are at all times and can therefore better manage the fleet. It also encourages field personnel to follow safe driving practices and be accountable.

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    4. Functions as an anti-theft device

    Another importance of fleet monitoring is it protects vehicles against thieves. GPS trackers are excellent anti-theft tools. It sends an alert if a vehicle is moved from its parking spot without your permission. Using the device’s live map tracking system, vehicles can be recovered quickly.

    5. Improves manpower productivity

    One of the problems for companies that have field employees is ensuring employees productivity. But with GPS fleet monitoring device, this is no longer a problem as every stop, the duration of each travel, the location, and other vehicle information are recorded, and fleet managers can access this information at all times. If employees are aware of this, their productivity level will certainly jump high.



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  • Get GPS Tracking for $5 per month

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