GPS Tracking Devices on Vehicle

A lot of companies have already adapted the use of GPS tracking devices on vehicle to make sure operations are smoothly monitored. A GPS receiver uses dozens of satellites to find out the accurate location of a GPS device. It is used by various companies to track their assets. They can monitor the movement of their fleet in real-time through the interactive map on the computer or in any smartphone. To learn more about how GPS tracking works, read on below.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

Be it a person, a vehicle, or any asset, anything can be tracked. Its location can be traced on the map and the map can be zoomed in, if one wants to take a closer look. The dot is the vehicle; the red means parked; when it’s green, it means the vehicle is moving; and yellow means the vehicle is idling. The software is capable of storing vehicle’s data such as trips made, fuel consumption, speed, and many more, which can all be accessed weekly or monthly, depending on the app administrator’s choice.

How GPS Tracking Devices on Vehicle Work

Transport industry is one of the many industries that greatly benefit from GPS tracking technology. They can monitor the movement of their fleet delivering packages and assets. And they can check on the behavior of their drivers, whether they are doing their job or just wasting time and money.

The device is also useful to car dealers whose main goal is to increase and protect their profit. By installing the device on their vehicles, repossession of the vehicle is easier if the customer is unable to pay their dues. One of the most important features of the device is its anti-theft feature. You will receive an alert if your car suddenly moves without you on it and its real-time tracking allows you to quickly recover your car in case it’s stolen from you. GPS tracking technology also allows the car owner to disable the engine in case of theft.

It’s not only the business sectors that benefit from using navigational device. Many use it for personal purposes. Parents, for example, use it to monitor their teen drivers if they are following speed limit. Wives use it to track their husbands who might be having an affair. The system will also remind you when it’s time for your vehicle’s oil change or maintenance check up schedule.

To locate the position of a certain vehicle, the user may need to use the Internet, log in using their user account on the system, choose the car they want to find, then click on Locate. The request will be sent by the system to the device and it will respond with the position of the vehicle in terms of longitude and latitude. The system will interpret it to give you the exact location on the map. The system is also capable of detecting the vehicle’s speed and the direction it is going. And you can receive that information through alerts from the computer or SMS. Google map is also integrated into the system. Reports can be generated using related software.

The device allows you to see the terrain, aerial view of the area. Most of the units are small and can take up a few minutes to set up on the dashboard, although there are some GPS software that come as a built-in feature in devices like smartphones and vehicles. There are advantages in using the built-in software, but there are disadvantages as well.

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