How GPS Tracker Pro Differs from Phone GPS

If you think all GPS trackers are similar, then you are wrong.

You are traveling in an unfamiliar place and you are hungry so you open the GPS on your phone to find the nearest McDonald’s branch. The GPS directs you to a small road leading to only god knows where. Although you have misgivings, you decide to follow the direction your GPS gives until you reach the location it says is the right spot, but there’s no McDonald’s resto in sight.

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Phone GPS

For some reason, our phone’s GPS tracker giving us the wrong direction, it has actually happened a lot of times to most of us. We are given the wrong direction, sometimes the long route to our destination. A GPS tracker is supposed to guide us to the correct location or the shortest route possible, but we are pointed to the opposite, which is a waste of time and gas.

Could this mean our cellphone’s GPS are not reliable navigational tool? For companies, punctuality is important, a late delivery is far different from arriving late to a party. When you arrive late to a party, you only lose time to interact with other guests, whereas late delivery could mean a waste of resources, fuel, and time—in short, profit loss, client loss, or both.

GPS-Tracking System

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To avoid inaccurate road information, use a stand-alone GPS tracking device like Trackimo. Although you have to shell out cash to have it, most of the time, it’s more reliable than the free GPS on your phone. It’s better to spend a few hundred dollars than lose potential clients.

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Amanda Thomas