GPS Tracking for School Buses

GPS tracking devices can offer several advantages to school districts, especially in tracking school buses. By installing GPS units in school buses, your school system can offer better services while reducing costs, which is very important for schools, mainly because they still have to offer excellent learning opportunities despite their budget cuts.

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Tracking School Bus

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Improve Efficiency

Plenty of school systems find challenges in meeting student needs without spending a lot off their budget. Bus tracking devices offer numerous advantages that can help improve fleet efficiency, meaning you can do more with less money:

  • Gather information that can help you determine which routes are most efficient
  • Provide real-time directions for drivers
  • Make sure bus drivers follow and are not taking unauthorized breaks that add to expenses
  • Find routes that burn less fuel

Ensure Compliance

GPS systems also help ensure that drivers follow laws and log accurate hours, giving you real-time updates on school buses and allows you to access records showing exact locations at specific times.

  • Make sure bus drivers do not exceed speed limit
  • Double-check drivers’ hours to ensure that they do not receive unwarranted pay or overtime
  • Enforce rules that stipulate whether or not drivers can use school vehicles for personal use.

Do More with Less

A lot of schools find that they do not have enough money to serve students well especially when cities and counties cut their budgets. Among the luxuries of school is the school bus, and they can do more with the money they have if these buses are used efficiently. Gas budget, for instance, could take a significant cut if drivers use routes well and avoid using the school vehicles for personal use.

Trackimo Device

Trackimo vehicle trackers can give real-time updates on bus locations so when you have access to these pieces of information, you are able to manage the fleet more effectively, bringing with it informed choices that can help increase productivity without spending a lot of money.

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