Geo-Fencing Works

Many GPS systems have incorporated geo-fencing in its features. Since then, it has played an essential part in the development of GPS technology.

How Geo-Fencing Works

Geo-fencing works by setting virtual perimeters on your device’s map. These are created for a specific purpose: to monitor and record exit and entry points within the fenced area as well as the time spent in those zones.

Geo-fencing technology allows fleet managers to monitor their fleet, whether it is following their own customized routes or not. This makes the business process run more smoothly and effectively while keeping all the company assets safe within a set perimeter. In turn, this helps the company save on budget costs.

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GPS Geo-fencing


Most tracking device offers a geo-fencing feature to help monitor your fleet. Users can create, modify, and delete their virtual fence according to their own preference. A notification will be delivered to dispatchers or fleet managers if the target vehicle leaves the perimeter.

The Benefits of Geo-Fencing Feature

The list below discusses how geo-fencing works and the things the feature allows fleet managers to do.

1. Prevent drivers from using the vehicle for personal use

Some drivers have a tendency to use the company’s vehicle for personal use. With geo-fencing, fleet managers can check if their trucks are idle for long periods or if they are being used excessively.

2. Ensure safety

Knowing the whereabouts of your fleet at all times means that dispatchers can check if they are adhering to safety standards. This can also help fleet managers contact drivers and send help immediately in case of an emergency.

3. Keep track of resources and reduce theft

How geo-fencing works is helpful in asset monitoring and inventory. Whenever a truck leaves and arrives at a job site, the fleet manager receives an alert message. This will allow the manager to determine if the use of the truck is authorized or not. If it’s not, then the vehicle is probably being stolen. The alert will give the company the chance to recover if not prevent vehicle theft.

Another benefit of geo-fencing alert feature is you will no longer need to utilize time sheets in keeping tab of your remote worker’s attendance. With this, you can easily oversee where your trucks are during work hours.

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4. Save on expenses

Companies can count on geo-fencing feature when it comes to creating shorter routes while avoiding bumper-to-bumper traffic. As a result, the company can cut down fuel and maintenance costs.

How geo-fencing works may be useful in cutting insurance costs as well. Because geo-fencing is known to prevent costs for damaged equipment or lawsuits from vehicular accidents, insurance companies will decrease premiums.

5. Report updates

Geo-fencing technology allows fleet managers to update their reports complete with time stamps and validations. These reports can be compiled to be used as a basis for end-of-the-day evaluations for the driver and to think of more effective methods of delivering goods to clients.

GPS tracking system has been helping companies operate a hassle-free business, and its geo-fencing feature is just one of the many reasons you should start using this too. To learn more about devices with geo-fencing features, visit our GPS tracking devices page.



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