French Violating Drone Use

Recently, a French tourist was arrested for violating Italian aviation rules and could face a fine of up to $126,328 for flying his drone over the iconic Colosseum in Rome.

In Italy, the regulations are firm on the use of such devices, so the man was arrested after landing the drone.

Apart from having his equipment seized, he was subsequently charged with violating Italian aviation rules that could result in paying the more than a hundred thousand fine.

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The tourist was not satisfied taking pictures from the outside, so he decided to fly a drone over Rome’s famous Colosseum.

“Tourists are often caught flying drones,” a spokesperson for the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, Enac, revealed to The Local. “For most urban flights, people will need to obtain a permit and we invite people to read our guidelines before they try anything.”

The French violating drone use did not seek permission before flying his drone over the Colosseum as it falls under the populated areas or railways, factories, and roads category.

Gigantic Fine After French Violating Drone Use in Italy

It was not the first time Italian authorities arrested people for flying their drones. The laws are strict in Italy on the piloting of such devices, so people are often advised to seek permission and read the regulation guide before embarking on such exploration.

Last year, precisely in December 2015, two Israeli tourists were arrested for flying a drone over the Vatican.

The men were arrested for using a high-resolution camera attached to a quadcopter to snap holiday photos of St. Peter’s Square and the Tiber River, said Rome’s police service.

Police authorities were hitting hard on illegal vendors around the crowded tourist area when they saw the drone flying from Umberto Bridge to the square where Pope Francis was holding Sunday mass for the faithful.

Officers searched the area and found two men, both 33, on the bridge. One of the men was holding the drone’s remote control in his hands when police arrived. They were arrested and ordered to immediately land the drone.

Likewise, by using a camera drone without permission to get shots of the Colosseum, the French tourist has broken the Italian aviation rules.

All over the world, drones have been banned from tourist attractions due to safety and security fears, especially in the wake of terror attacks in Paris. A crashed drone can cause injuries and death to people.

Dji Phantom Drone


In the past, there have been a number of similar arrests in the French capital and Yellowstone National Park in the United States. In the wake of several terrorist attacks in different places around the world, many countries are creating strict regulation in the use of drones to ensure safety and security of lives and properties.

Also, in 2014, Paris police detained a 24-year-old tourist from Israel after he flew a camera-equipped drone over Notre Dame Cathedral. He spent a night in jail and was fined $455 before he was allowed to go.

And last February, police in Paris detained three Al-Jazeera journalists for flying a drone in a park at a time when the city was under a state of heightened security following a deadly terror attack at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.



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