Elderly Trackers

There is a reason elderly trackers are necessary for senior drivers. While teens are considered more accident-prone drivers than drivers from any other age group, our elderly motorists are more likely to be fatally injured or killed when they get involved in accidents. This is partly because of age-related frailty. Based on a study conducted by NHTSA, of the 1,995 FARS (Fatal Accident Reporting System) reports, senior citizens are identified for 5% of all people injured in road accidents, 13% of all traffic fatalities, 13% of all vehicle occupant fatalities, and 18% of all pedestrian fatalities.

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Elderly Driver

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Does Aging Affect Driving?

The answer is yes. But it would be unfair to prohibit someone from taking the wheel because of their age. Besides, elderly driving skills vary. To tell an elderly to suddenly stop driving is like cutting off their right to go out, visit friends, or go to supermarkets, without needing help from others. It’s tantamount to depriving someone of their freedom.

Some studies prove that stopping people abruptly from driving and lack of mobility can cause depression to elderly folks. That is why it’s necessary for people to stay independent for as long as they can. Discussing about driving abilities with the elderly can be very sensitive. They might get defensive and angry. Rather than dictate them, a better approach would be to include the elderly member of the family in the decision-making process. Discuss the issue with the elderly concerned, together with the family, trusted friends, and even doctors. Still, you may have to step in and find ways to keep them safe and everyone on the road.

Elderly Trackers as a Better Solution

Fortunately, aging doesn’t mean seniors have to completely stop driving. There are many ways you can help keep the elderly drivers safe. You can use trackers such as 3G GPS elderly tracking devices. Trackimo device, for example, lets you monitor the driving ability of an elderly family member. Statistics have it that seniors aged 65 years and above are considered high-risk drivers. With the help of elderly trackers or GPS personal trackers, family members can monitor elderly driving as well as provide a way to improve safety.

The Trackimo elderly trackers are also suitable for seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s dementia and other debilitating conditions affecting the elderly. These conditions have great impact to an elderly’s ability to be on the road. By fitting GPS trackers on their vehicles, you can gather enough data and will know exactly how their mental and physical ailment affects their driving capabilities. The device can tell you how frequent a senior driver gets lost while driving, how fast (or slow) they run their vehicles, or if they swerve or keep circling around a particular area. With these tracking data, you can determine whether your old folk needs to surrender driving.

Elderly Trackers

Affordable and accessible GPS devices are now available to all consumers. Using elderly trackers to monitor our seniors is a way of protecting them. They may be reluctant to the idea of not using the wheel, but when you have the GPS technology to provide them proof, they will understand that giving up their car keys permanently is a good decision for theirs and everyone’s safety.



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