Passenger Drone

Drones have grown in popularity over the years. They come in different types, including quadcopters, mini-quads, or multi-rotor craft. Drones started out in the military to carry out difficult missions but are often used commercially by hobbyists to capture breathtaking photos and videos. It is easy to see that drone technology is progressing as well, making the demand to create more groundbreaking products even higher. In fact, a Chinese drone company release the first ever, most impressive passenger drone.

The World’s First Ever Passenger Drone

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Passenger Drone


A Chinese drone company had developed the Ehang 184 autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) and it is definitely the most regal among all commercial drones in the market. For one thing, it retails for approximately $300,000. But the staggering price is easily justified since people can actually ride the drone. That’s right, it sits one passenger and lifts them up to an altitude of 11,000 feet with a total of 23 minutes of flying time. The maximum speed the Ehang 184 can cruise to is at 62 miles per hour, while pushing at 142 horsepower. It is perfect when it comes to providing short distance transport, and for those looking for a one-of-a-kind drone experience.

The Ehang 184 is equipped with eight rotors arranged by two at the four corners of the passenger drone, allowing it to be both sturdy and reliable. Its wing span is as wide as 18 feet and weighs 440 lbs. The aerial vehicle is capable of carrying a passenger that weighs up to 264 lbs.

Another remarkable part of the Ehang’s design is that it is powered by electricity, making it one of the most environment-friendly drones in the industry. As for emergency features, the Ehang 184 can still operate normally even if one set of the power system malfunctions, so it is suitable for beginner pilots. The company did state that the Ehang 184 is aimed for “short to medium transportation solution” and is designed for “average consumers who may have very little experience with piloting any flying objects.”

But here is the most impressive feature of the Ehang 184, like most drones, it can actually be controlled through a mobile application.

The app has two commands: takeoff and land. Users can set their course, and the Ehang 184 will take off vertically. The real-time sensor data will help users stay put on their designated course. In case there are hardware or software problems, it is designed to land immediately in the nearest safe area.

The main structure is made of a composite material, together with carbon fiber and epoxy. The cabin area is surprisingly cozy, complete with air condition, a control, and a reading light. There is also a small truck where the pilot may house a 16-inch backpack. The exterior has light on each of the four propellers, flashing airline signal lights, a video camera, and headlight.

Ehang 184

Realistically speaking, the Ehang 184 may not be for everyone, but it still is exciting news for drone hobbyists.

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