Drones Threatening Military Jets

Initially, drones were crash-landing on the lawns of the White House. It was in December that a shocking study revealed that there were 241 close encounters between manned aircraft and drones in two years.

It was reported that the drones big expert and likely its principal user, the U.S. military, is now being terrorized by the remote-control divisions.

Drones Threatening Military Jets by this Reports of Drone Interference

A fear-provoking report in The Washington Post interference detailed that several military operations have suffered in the hands of toy drones. The Armed Forces or the Federal Aviation Administration reported that on 35 occasions, small drones had come unpleasantly closely to the airfields or military aircraft.

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Reports of Drone Interference

Among the public disturbance of drones was a near-collision, which involved an Air Force fighter jet last month over the Grand Bay Bombing Range in Georgia, in which a drone flew over residential district located on the outskirt of Philadelphia closely to the refueling tanker of an Air Force and caused an evasive action being taken by the plane.

The FAA’s new registration policy mandatory is already effective, with details that include the following:

The regulations stated that any toy drones owners that weigh more than half a pound must register their aircraft with the government and label it with a serial number. The FAA requires the recreational drone’s operators to fly their machines no higher than 400 feet and must be kept away from the airports at distance of at least 5 miles.

Reports have shown that difficulties encountered in regulating the use of the little machines called drone are very alarming. More Americans have been drawn to the hobby of drones, hence the decrease in its prices. There are high indications that many more drones would be given at Christmas. An official of FAA earlier this year predicted that Americans would purchase a million new drones in 2015.

Drone registration alone will not be enough for safety delivery in the skies. Because no one supports a mid-air disaster to arouse action, it’s high time for federal regulators, commercial aviation, and the military to collaborate with the drone industry on means to keep little fliers from being a threat to jets and planes in the skies.

Apart from the registration of drones of various sizes, the FAA must make sure that the drone operators follow and abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the government. Anyone found violating the rules must be severely sanctioned accordingly.

Quarterly seminars should be organized by the federal regulators for drone manufacturers, individuals, and the commercial drone operators to create awareness and also warn them of the dangers their machines pose to the aviation industry and the populace in general.

The drone big users, manufacturers, and all stakeholders in the industry must be monitored by the FAA and all other government agencies. A law must be passed by the federal legislation to guide the use of drones and also to identify some selected areas where drones would be used.

To this end, military must also be used to enforce the law where and when necessary. The FAA and other government agencies involved will play a major role to make sure the law is strictly followed and adhered to by both the manufacturers and individual user respectively. Any individual or commercial drone operators that go contrary will lose his machine and will be prosecuted in the law court.



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