Drones Flying

The rule drones flying guide, particularly in the US, are not always succinctly clear. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, it’s generally not prescribed—and most times unlawful—to pilot drones anywhere close to airports, or anywhere that aircraft often fly. Nonetheless, a particular fancier thought it would be a play to break into their drone and exert effort to fly it as lofty as they possibly could.

Recorded Drones Flying Incidents

There have been recorded cases which in series, where persons have arrested or their drones confiscated. This is just solely because of those drones flying in no fly zone or causing hindrance for carrying out civil duties.

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DJI Phantom 2 Drone

Popular Science reported Mar. 8 that an unknown YouTuber called Tollymaster recently added a video of a moderated DJI Phantom 2 UAV which they asserted to have reached to upwards of 11,000 ft.—or 2 miles—into the sky. DJI drones possess software ingrained that halts them from flying through confined airspace (such as airports), or above 1,500 feet, showing the pilot evidently crashed into the device’s software and took over the default settings. The US Federal Aviation Administration, for reference, limits drones flying above 400 feet, though it’s obscure where this video was shot.

While the video that they filmed was pretty sensational, it’s quite irresponsible to have done this in the first place, seeing as the drone is straying out of the pilot’s line of glimpse (which is another requirement of the FAA), and into a territory that aircraft could be setting out or landing, or helicopters might be working in. That’s not to reveal that if the battery had died—or the pilot had lost the capability to pilot the machine at that height, the upshot drone-shaped meteorite would’ve been a debacle for anyone in the strike zone.

Tollymaster brought down the video from YouTube after a barrage of comments from other drone fanciers reprimanded their perilous flying. However, if you want to watch the Phantom’s flight in full, a Dutch blog called DroneWatch snared a replica of the video before it was taken down.

It’s improbable that this sort of action would be very well allowed by regulatory bodies like the FAA, as it appears people are already sallying drones into pitches and presidential villas, debarring firefighting works , and attaching weapons to them for mere play. While it appears some individuals are striving assiduously on constructing drones to deliver drugs to those in need and save lives in out-of-the-way areas, remaking these machines to allow them to gain access to airspace this high won’t assist convince people that drones are more helpful than hazardous.



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