Drone Bringing Supplies inside Prison

When the drone industry was developing, the developers and law enforcement agencies never took cognizance of the bad actors who would abuse its usage. Like every novel technology, abuse is always inevitable, just as enormous abuse was, and has been recorded for the Internet, notwithstanding its enormous benefits.

One of such monumental abuse was recorded lately in the United Kingdom, where rogues utilized drones to transport drugs and other contraband items to jails.

Drone Bringing Supplies inside Prison

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Audacious prisoners had a go at escape by employing a drone to bring in a pair of bolt cutters—and were only nipped as the remotely operated aircraft offloaded its equipment outside the prison fence.

The strange plot at HMP Featherstone, Staffordshire, was made known amid heads-up of a rise in the use of drones to as a mole to bring in contraband items into jails.

Police are now conducting an inquiry to identify who was behind the drone, which was found on March 6 and also contained proscribed mobile phones; a load of drugs; and the deadly legal high Spice, a synthetic version of cannabis.

A source told The Sunday Mirror, “It was only by luck that a staff member saw the drone and witnessed it dump its load outside the fence.”

Survey data reveals that drones are often employed by criminals to smuggle proscribed items into prison.

Last year, 33 drones were found in vicinity of jails in England and Wales, while in 2014 just two incidents of such were recorded.

Glyn Travis, assistant secretary of the Prison Officers Association, said the issue had to be seen as more consequential.

He said, “The threat from drones is escalating.”

The Category C secure jail has been the prey of prior smuggling endeavors.

In February 2015, Nahim Ali, 34, and his brother Tahir, 40, were caught outside the jail compound trying to illegally bring in hundreds of tablets and bottles of steroids and testosterone stashed in Ribena cartons.

Meanwhile, in November 2014, prison officer Hannah Stewart, 28, was convicted after bringing in mobile phones, cannabis, anabolic steroids, whiskey, and vodka into the jail for inmate Andrelle Leedham, 26, after they got strongly attached.

Last April, the jail also witnessed a rare occurrence after the escape of burglar Joseph Moss, 22, from Birmingham. He fled from jail for a week before he was found again.

This and a cumulative of other incidences might spur the enactment of laws and a change in government policies on the usage of domestic drones. This unfortunately might stifle those who use the drone for lawful recreational or business purposes.



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