Boeing 777 Passenger Jet

Lately, there has been an increase in recorded cases of irresponsible drone flight. Quite a number of incidents have been recorded where drones have almost caused air crashes or interfered with an aircraft in motion.

The latest in the series of such incidence is the drone that almost crashed a Boeing 777 passenger jet.

An unforeseen tragedy was averted as a Boeing passenger jet was almost crashed by a drone being flown without any lighting in dark.

The Boeing 777 dodged the aircraft by a hairbreadth shortly after it was recognized when it became lighted by the aircraft’s landing lights as it drew close to Heathrow near London.

An inquiry into the close-shave established the drone ‘of significant size’ came within just 10 ft. of the aircraft.

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Drone Almost Brought Down Passenger Jet


It is believed to be the lead off incident of such at night, rendering the pilot incapable to take elusive action because the unpiloted drone was invisible until it became too late.

The recount by the UK Airprox Board, which conducts inquiries into close-shaves and what lessons can be sieved from them, said it was impossible the pilot would have known of its presence there.

The report said: ‘There was no early intimation or heads-up of the object, nor would any appear to have been feasible, and therefore, was no room for the pilot to accelerate separation.

‘Members therefore, were in unison that a collision had been avoided just by sheer providence.’

The pilot recounted he thought the drone drew ‘very close to the aircraft’ and that nothing appeared on the plane’s radar.

The occurrence was categorized as category A – the greatest possible risk without a crash actually happening.

It is the newest in a series of occurrences reported to the UKAB where enormous aircraft have come into abrasion with drones.

Quite a number of them have occurred in place near Heathrow, while a drone was thought to bea bird by the crew of an Airbus 321 landing at Gatwick last November, with the pilot identifying it while just 30 ft. from touching down.

Already in the United States laws have been enacted towards the regulation of the usage of drones. Also in Japan, the police outfitted its drones with a net to scoop up drones flying in restricted areas. There is also the geofencing technology which a Chinese firm plans to integrate into its drone that will stop drones from flying at a particular altitude.

A summation of this and other methods or technologies that will be employed might forestall cases like this which almost caused a great tragedy.

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