Authorities Perplexed by Missing Florida Nurse

A sheriff described Tricia Williams Todd’s disappearance as “perplexing and mystifying.”

The Florida sheriff in charge of the hunt said that the disappearance of the 30-year-old Air Force veteran, mother, and nurse is “very suspicious” and is suspected to be a case of abduction.

The police noted that no tangible result has been achieved since she was declared missing despite a thorough search.
“That is what makes this case so mysterious,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told reporters. “There is absolutely no evidence that a crime occurred, (but) this is a strong circumstantial case for an abduction. Circumstantially, (it’s) very suspicious. Forensically, nothing. It’s a very, very perplexing and mystifying case.”

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Missing Tricia Williams Todd


The Search on Todd

On April 27, the search commenced. Todd resides in Hobe Sound, around 30 minutes north of West Palm Beach on Florida’s east coast. She wasn’t seen at work at Treasure Coast Hospice. She also failed to get her daughter where she had been taken by her ex-husband, Steven Williams, who had been in town for a sleepover with the toddler, as stated by the police.

The first relevant hint was achieved when the police found Todd’s car stationed in her neighbor’s yard. The keys were in the ignition and her purse was found inside the car.

“She had never parked here before….Her car was always on the other side of the yard,” Todd’s neighbor Melissa Crable told West Palm Beach WPEC News.

A search was conducted at Todd’s residence. Her purse, cellphone, and shell necklace were the only missing items.

The police discovered that Todd was seen last on the evening of April 26, where she bought groceries at a Publix supermarket in Hobe Sound. She took some medicine to Williams for her daughter at about midnight.

Williams informed investigators that he bought gasoline for Todd’s car when she came around. This was further confirmed by a footage.

However, events that occurred after she left her ex-husband is still a puzzle.

Nothing strange was discovered in Williams’s car and he passed a polygraph examination. Hence, attention was taken from him as it wasn’t necessary.

Voluntary search attempts were being arranged by Rocker. She confirmed that over 100 people have been on the lookout.

Williams Todd

“We are running all the search efforts through our Facebook page,” she said. “We’re working closely with the sheriff’s office in coordinating it.” She also added that the hunt would go on for an unspecified period.

“To anyone who might have seen or know anything regarding the disappearance of Tricia, we are begging that you come forward and contact the Martin County Sheriff’s office,” said a statement made by the family of Todd, which was read by the Rev. Wesley Holden.

Attention is now on Todd’s bank accounts, credit cards, and cell phone records as stated by the investigators.
“This investigation continues, and additional information will be made available as we have it,” said Snyder.
“As of now, there are no suspects—nobody that we can link to Tricia Todd’s disappearance.”

Brief description of Tricia Williams Todd: white female, stands 5 feet 4 inches tall, 110 pounds, and she has red hair and hazel eyes.


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