Aerial Photography Tips

Photography has become a hobby and a profession for various people. It has developed over the years, evidenced by the rise of aerial photography and videography, which has become a staple for hobbyists and not just limited to those covering events.

One big factor that has paved the way for this is the introduction of drones in the market. Because of the Federation Aviation Administration’s (FAA) leniency toward owning a drone, more and more people are able to purchase these for personal use.

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Stunning Aerial Photography


There is no doubt that aerial photography has become such a big trend. All photographers need is a trusty drone to shoot low-altitude images that are perfect for business and personal use. In fact, many companies have found it cost-effective to rely on drones when creating marketing campaigns. Everything from real estate to resort industries use aerial photography in promotional photos. Needless to say, the demand for it in the market continues to be on the rise.

In line with its growing popularity, here are some things that could help in creating a cinematic drone video or photo:

Aerial Photography Tips

1. Consider the type of drone used

Flying Drone


Cheap quadcopters are tempting to purchase especially if you are just starting out. But do know that their main disadvantage is their lack of stabilization control, which can result in shaky images or videos. Look for one with a sturdy and reliable gimbal. A gimbal is basically the support system that controls the camera and compensates for the movements of the drone.

Experts recommend a hexacopter because of its six different motors and propellers. Its fast gimbal also allows for better coverage than a quadcopter.

Keep checking your drones during the shoot with a reliable GPS tracking device. Trackimo can easily be attached to your drone for hassle-free monitoring throughout the day.

2. Camera to be used

Battery life is one of the main issues that photographers face. Basic aerial photography tips dictate that when using your hexacopter, you can have a flight time of up to 10 minutes wit h a DSLR camera. GoPros last longer, up to 25 minutes, to be exact, but don’t expect high-quality shots. Do pack extra batteries along with you in case you run out. This is also applicable to GPS trackers attached to drones. Find GPS trackers with long battery life to ensure that you will always find your drone and camera.

3. Time and weather condition of shoot

Basic aerial photography tips include weather checks. Wind can disrupt a shoot completely, so it’s best to avoid them at all costs. Shooting at sunset or sunrise can work to your advantage in various ways, as everything from shadows and terrains will be highly visible at this time of the day.



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