Solo Smart Drone

Finding a drone that is capable of providing stunning aerial photography can be quite a challenge. You can be in the most beautiful terrain in the world, but your time may go to waste when you keep failing to get the perfect shot. California-based drone-manufacturing company 3D Robotics designed a near-perfect drone that suits every hobbyist’s needs—the 3DR Solo drone.

Introducing 3DR Solo Drone

The 3DR Solo quadcopter aims to simplify aerial photography and videography with a set of innovative tools, one of which includes the ability to take an impressive one-click selfie video. Additionally, the 3DR Solo drone is sold with an open source software that allows owners to enhance its features.

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3DR Solo


The 3DR Solo weighs around 3.3 lbs, comes in one color (black), and its overall design looks straight out of a science-fiction film. The controller looks less intimidating, and it comes complete with a video game joystick, a holder for your mobile device, and the remote control for the mounted GoPro camera. The overall design of the 3DR Solo seems like it was purposely made from the ground up to serve as a companion to the GoPro hero.

Beginners may enjoy a variety of easy-to-use controls such as a flight simulator application as a drone autopilot beginner’s guide. This allows newbies to practice flying a drone first to avoid crashing a thousand-dollar investment. The Solo also has a Pause button that is capable of stopping the drone no matter where you are.

Solo Drone's Specs


The 3DR Solo takes the standard Follow Me mode up a notch. Using the application, users may draw the drone’s route on the phone/tablet screen, and the Solo will fly back and forth across that line while capturing video.

The drone also has an Orbit function. At one click of this button, the Solo will circle around a certain subject you select. Lastly, there is the selfie video mentioned earlier. With a single touch, the Solo will fly up and away from you while keeping the camera centered on you, creating a dramatic aerial shot.

Solo Remote Controller


The 3D Robotics targets consumers who want to personally enhance their drones on their own. With both a hardware and software open platform, developers can freely create apps, add their own set of features, and introduce unique functionality to the drone.

3D Robotics' New Solo Drone


It is no question that the technological advancements of drones grow together with its immense popularity. From the DJI Phantom 3 to the affordable consumer drones released in Asia, the market looks like it’s always up for a little friendly competition.

The 3DR Solo has proven itself to be a key player as well. It may be up in terms of price, but its built-in features can’t be easily overlooked. For one thing, the Solo is bigger especially when fashioned with a gimbal and a camera, giving it a more stable feel when shooting and flying. The ability to personally customize it is impressive as well and can even be considered as the drone’s primary selling point.

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