Enjoying Together

During summer, millions of kids will be going to camp. Attending camp helps children develop their abilities and skills. They will also get to experience being independent. And it’s normal especially for first-timers—for both parent and child—to feel separation anxiety.

But there’s no need for a parent to worry. Their child will be in good hands of capable coordinators. Your only problem is how you deal with kid-sickness when your kid leaves away for the summer and the house feels empty.

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Going to a Camp

If you’re not used to spending the day/night without your kid, here are some suggestions to help you cope from feeling lonely.

Dwell only on the positive

Kid Sickness

Remind yourself that your child is in a secure environment and is having a good fun, that spending outdoor in the camp is good for the child. They will develop their social skills, meet new friends, and improve problem-solving skills and interpersonal communication. Thinking about the positive things will make you feel better.

Remember that separation is necessary

Aggressive to be Independent

Separation is the first step in helping your child become independent, which is necessary for their development. Camp experience is good for them since it encourages independence while teaching them relevant skills they can use in their lifetime.

Know that your words are enough

Having Fun

Physically you’re not with them, but your messages are etched on their mind and heart. Whatever you have taught them will be with them in the camp.

Talk with other parents

Talk with Other Parent

Sharing your concerns or feelings with your spouse or another parent helps.

While it’s understandable to feel sad and anxious when your child leaves home, it is essential to remind yourself of the reasons you decided to let your child attend camp. Keep in mind that sending your child to camp is a good decision. It will help them grow as an individual.

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Trevor Wilson