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We have here a collection of statistics for the travel and tourism industry. These collected pieces of information are essential for the industry managers in making business decisions. Statistics provide managers the data needed to know what the consumers want, allowing them to come up with a better strategy on selling products or services that the consumers are likely to buy or avail.

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Online Booking Practice by the Numbers

Travel Statistics

  • Nearly 40% of all the tour and activity transactions are done online (source: Rezdy)
  • Around 5.1% of organized tours and 39.7% of the entertainment activities were booked before the trip over the Internet. The latter has almost doubled compared to previous year. (source: Tourism Australia)
  • Among Asian tourists, 59% book their travels at anywhere they feel convenient (source: Tnooz)
  • In the case of leisure travelers, 60% of them and 41% of business travelers manage their own travel accommodation mostly through the Internet. (source: Amadeus)
  • About 148.3 million people make their reservations for their travels, tours, entertainment and even hotel accommodations each year. That’s equivalent to 57% of all travel reservation made in a year. (source: Static Brain)
  • The revenue growth that travel companies have gained in the last 5 years is 73% (source:Statistic Brain)
  • More and more people prefer doing their business on the Internet—97% of travelers complete their transactions online (source: Forbes)
  • Records have it that 20% of Google queries are about local information (source: HubSpot)
  • Around 96.8 million adult online users are predicted to use discount code or online coupons. The figure is an indication of a new trend forming—the coupon hunters. (source: eMarketer)

Follow Up the Schedule

  • More than 50% of travelers prefer to do their travel bookings through online than over the phone (source: Hotel Executive)
  • 65% of tourists choose to book their accommodations on mobile devices within the day (source: Statistic Brain, 2015)
  • According to surveys, over half of the travelers arrange their travel bookings via mobile sites and travel apps (source: Whatech, 2014)
  • Tourists are more willing to splurge on tours than on souvenirs or shopping. Here are the top 5 things tourist are most likely to spend money on when traveling: 24% on shopping, 35% on activities, 41% on accommodations, 41% on special dining experiences, and 53% on sightseeing tours. (source: Trip Barometer, 2015)
  • 49% of Canadian travelers familiarize themselves on general travel sites such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz (source: Desination Canada, 2014)

Tour Agencies Web Sites

Tour Agency Web Site

  • In Australia, 20% of travel companies don’t have Web sites (source: amadeus)
  • Nearly 90% of tour agencies are still doing manual process when booking trips through e-mail (source: Tourism Research Australia)
  • More than half of the survey respondents give people access to the check the price and availability of their products or services (source: Tourism Research Australia)
  • 46% of travel agencies with Web sites offer instantaneous confirmation of reservation (source: Tourism Research Australia)
  • Those travel companies with Web site admitted that 48% of their traffic referrals are from search engines (source:Tourism Research Australia)

Adventure in Tour

  • 93% of Australian tours, 89% Attractions, and 86% Hire and Transport companies have their own online sites (source: Tourism Research Australia)
  • About 32% of tourists are likely to ask additional information through the company Web site before making a reservation (source: Google)
  • About half of the Australian tourism companies offer online booking for their customers (source: Amadeus)
  • Travel companies Web sites are more effective in earning bookings than review websites. (Source: Rezdy)

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