Summer Camp

Before signing your child up for a summer camp, make sure that the place is safe for them as they are the type to explore the outside world, develop, and learn new skills with new friends. Here are nine questions you should ask before choosing a summer camp. The answers to these questions are all necessary in making sure that your child will enjoy their time away from home.

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1. Is the staff screened?

Camp Members

Do companies conduct background check on its employees regularly or before hiring? What screening methods do they use? This is important because you don’t want your child interacting with child predators.

2. Are the staff members well-trained?

Staff Members

Ask if the staff have experience or proper education or training for the job such as early childhood care, assisting children with special needs, and CPR or first aid. It is also good to ask how many staff are returning this year. According to ACA, most camps are averaging 40%–60% return of staff every year. If the rate is lower than that, it could be hint of poor management.

3. What are the staff/child ratios and group sizes of the program?

Staff and a Child

American Camp Association (ACA)’s rule on staff-to-child ratio for day camp is 1:8 for campers 6 to 8 yrs old, 1:10 for those 9–14 yrs old, and 1:12 for campers in the 15–18 age range. For overnight, it should be 1:6 for 7 to 8 years old campers, 1:8 for campers 9 to 14 years old, and 1:10 for campers 15–18 years old. It’s important that the camp has adequate staff so children are well supervised.

4. What are their policies and procedures for nutrition, health, and safety?


Ask about their procedure and policy regarding discipline, medication, nutrition, transportation, and how they handle sick children and missing children. You ask if they are following certain guidelines on those areas, if their facility meets the state standard.

5. Can parents visit the camp anytime?

Father and Son

Ask whether they offer family activities. The camp’s program should be family friendly and allow parents to visit the site at all times.

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Trevor Wilson