When someone says GPS, we immediately think about maps that drivers used when traveling from one place to another without being lost. But more than that, GPS technology can also be used for tracking the movements of any vehicle or person.

GPS tracking system is a valuable device and could be used for a good purpose. By its name, you can instantly guess what it is for. Parents use it to monitor their teens’ driving habits, while law enforcement agencies use it to track down criminals. A GPS car system is vital particularly when a driver is in a life-and-death situation, like when he’s stranded in a snowstorm. The device could help you find emergency assistance.

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Despite its benefits, the GPS car system has a potential to violate a person’s right to privacy. If you look closely into the features of GPS car tracker, you will find that its functionalities are almost similar to the electronic devices that felons on probation wear. This means the electronic surveillance devices used to keep an eye on convicted criminals are the same devices that are being used to monitor ordinary citizens who have not committed any crimes.

Wearing GPS tracking device is like staying in Big Brother’s house where your every move is being watched. It may not be a big issue in some countries where freedom is restricted but not in America, the Land of the Free. So how can people ensure their rights to privacy when GPS tracking devices like Trackimo exist? Or rather, how can the two co-exist?

The role of GPS car tracking system is under close scrutiny in the U.S. due to the invasion of privacy issue. But right now the court agrees that parents have a right to use GPS tracking in cars to know their children’s whereabouts.  Because the tracking device gives information about the current location of the user, its driving behavior, the routes a car has taken, as well as the time and location of each stop. The court made it clear that it supports the use of GPS car tracking device as long as it’s for the safety of the person involve.

GPS car system can also be considered as a tool for securing personal property. Vehicles equipped with the tracking system are protected against car theft, and as a result, car owners are given lower insurance cost by insurance provider.

Another function of GPS tracking being questioned in courts is when police authorities search vehicles without warrant, which could be illegal; but in some cases, courts have favored law enforcement. A good example is when a police officer hides a GPS tracking device in the vehicle of a known sex offender. The law enforcers secretly follow the vehicle with the help of the GPS tracking device, then arrest the offender and save the would be victim from being abused.

In cases like this, courts allow evidences from GPS car system to be presented, declaring that an offender loses his rights to privacy when he commits criminal acts in the past because it might be repeated. The sex offender’s rights to privacy is nonexistent when the intention of the police officer is to protect the public. GPS car system plays a big role in the conviction of the criminal.

Aside from the safety and security, some companies utilize GPS car system as a tool for spying. The same device that parents use to monitor their children or police authorities in tracking criminals. The device can also be used by jealous spouses to spy on their partners to gather evidence of cheating. Many businesses sell these car systems for that purpose.

GPS tracking systems for vehicles are accessible to the public. No matter what your opinion is about the device, positive or negative, you can’t ignore the fact that GPS devices are effective security, safety, or spying tools. It can be purchased online or in local electronic shops. You can buy quality car tracking devices under $200. But if you want the high-end model of the technology, you may have to spend more than that.

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