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If you happen to run a business with small- to large-scale fleet, then you might want to make sure that the company vehicles are being handled responsibly by the employees assigned to them. A lot of employers make the mistake of doing so by using manual time-out systems (Bundy clocks, HR software, etc.), but even if they tend to be an affordable investment, they can be a hassle to work with. For one thing, a manual software can create an atmosphere that relies heavily on fundamental trust. Not only will this leave the door open for employees to attempt to cheat the system, but it may lead to bigger problems when they forget to log in or out at certain times.

GPS: Reliable Tool for Monitoring Company Vehicles

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Company Vehicles

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GPS is a common fixture in 3G fleet-tracking device. It can be used to locate vehicles, set up routes, and give your employees directions to their scheduled destinations. Some fleet tracking software can even monitor the vehicle’s current condition. The data obtained may include fuel consumption and mileage, as well as alerting dispatchers if there is any need for repairs within your company vehicles. All these features may assist business owners when it comes to reducing operational costs.

Additionally, GPS software may also help track the every move of your company driver. That way, you not only ensure their personal safety but you can hold them accountable if anything happens to the company vehicle under their watch. Since a GPS tracking software is capable of recording everything from idle times to sudden braking/acceleration, business owners may find it easier to determine the exact working hours of their employees. In a way, it also assists managers and back office employees in checking if their overtime requests are valid or not.

Monitor Company Vehicles


Monitoring company vehicles can be an overwhelming task especially when you have to deal with larger fleets. A GPS tracking system is one of the best solutions to address the number of paperwork that comes with securing your company vehicles and employees at the same time. As business owners, you can always take advantage of the many features a tracking system offers. One of the most cost-effective and reliable tracking devices available in the market today is Trackimo. Its main features include geo-fence alerts, driving reports, and live monitoring through the device’s Web/mobile application.

If you are worried that employees may quit upon learning that they are being monitored, you have to let them know and understand that GPS tracking is used for their own welfare as well. Safety, rewards, and even protection against false claims are conveniently addressed with the use of a tracking device.

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