Missing Elderly Man

A certain truck driver would usually take short breaks in between driving at truck stops to stretch his legs and body. One time, while he was on one of his stops at Plymouth, Indiana, he saw an elderly man roaming around, and he thought something was wrong. And he was right, the disoriented man was Robert Bowers. The 75-year-old man has Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, an alert had been issued in Ohio as the man was reported missing by his family. Bower’s family, as well as the authorities, were unable to find him because he doesn’t have a GPS tracking device. The tracking technology is currently being used by many people who have memory problems like Alzheimer’s.

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Lost Elderly

The GPS tracking system provides great relief to caregivers and family members who need to monitor their loved ones who have memory issues.

The GPS Tracking System Connection

Tracing Elderly

GPS tracking technology is becoming popular these days with its wide range of applications in our everyday lives. The missing elderly man was not immediately found by his family because he was not wearing a GPS tracking device. It’s interesting to know that the driver who found him in the street has a GPS system installed in his truck.

In the US, most delivery trucks are now equipped with GPS tracking systems like Trackimo. The tracking system allows company managers to monitor the movements of their trucks. The same technology is being used by caregivers and care facilities in monitoring their patients suffering from memory-related problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The GPS devices have various designs and is portable. It can be wore as a bracelet, and because Trackimo is very tiny, it can be clipped onto clothes or inserted in the pocket.

The Missing Senior Citizen

Finding Elderly

Through conversation, the truck driver was able to extract vital information on the elderly man such as his family’s phone number. The truck driver immediately contact Bower’s family and informed the local authorities. Bower is now safe. He was brought to a healthcare facility and reunited with his loved ones.

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