Elderly Couple

Your elderly parents took care and kept you safe when you were young, but now the situation is reverse. This time, it’s them who need your care and support. It’s time to return the favor and do the same to your elderly parents. Though caring for an aging parent will eat most of your time, quitting  your job to care for them full time is not your only option. You can care for them while you are in the office or in the grocery store.

Trackimo has developed high-quality and affordable 3G GPS tracker for the elderly that can help you track them no matter where you are in the world. The tracking device can provide basic information that would tell whether your senior relatives are safe or need some assistance.

Looking at the population statistics, it shows that ageing population will soon outpace the current birth rate. With incapacitating health conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory-related diseases, which affect a significant number of people over 60, physical and mental deterioration is real.

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Elderly GPS Tracker

Trackimo as a simple but extensive communication device can be of a great help to families and caregivers and can bring comfort to their loved ones and everyone in the family.

GPS for Elderly Parents

Find a GPS personal tracker that is particularly designed to address the needs of the elderly parents especially those with some physical or mental disabilities. Many seniors find conventional cellphones perplexing. Having too many buttons to push leaves them confused. Furthermore, they also often misplace the devices, which defeat the purpose of the device—communication and monitoring.

Trackimo is a GPS-enabled personal locator that has an SOS button that is automatically activated when pushed for three seconds or more and will instantly send an alert to the family or caregiver. Our personal tracker for elderly parents are small thus portable, it can be attached to their clothing or bag as a key chain. The device can be accessed through smart phones or mobile devices.

Trackimo GPS Tracker

Other Features

  • Has the ability to track the elderly parents location in real time
  • Provides real-time location can be viewed anywhere on a computer or any mobile device with the app
  • Can set a safety zone and you’ll receive a notification if the device holder enters or exits the predetermined area
  • Has an SOS button that elderly parents can press to send an alert to family members if in distress
  • Has longer battery life

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