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Knowing where your company vehicles are 24/7 is what fleet tracking is all about. GPS tracking devices such as Trackimo can enhance customer service, minimize the cost of business operation, and many more.

Trackimo’s 3G GPS company car tracker allows real-time tracking, which helps managers make informed choices and run their business effectively.

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Improving Services with Fleet Tracking
Fleet Tracking

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Whether yours is a multinational company or a startup delivery business, it is essential that you know where every one of your vehicles is. Without fleet tracking, running your delivery services will be tough. With Trackimo’s real-time tracker, you can:

  • Monitor your employee’s driving habits (speed driving, sudden breaks, etc.)
  • Provide drivers the best route to toward their destination ( avoid busy roads, find shortcut)
  • Confirm which of your vehicles is the nearest to a location
  • Track packages while in transit
  • Provide clients real-time location details of their delivery including estimated time of delivery and delays
Potential Savings with Fleet Tracking

It is every businessman’s goal to be able to run their businesses with lesser cost. This is very much achievable through fleet monitoring. By equipping company vehicles with 3G GPS tracking, you are not just giving your fleet updated driving routes, you can also do the following:

  • Save time and fuel by using the device to find the shortest route possible
  • Save more money as the device will discourage unauthorized usage of your vehicles
  • Save on insurance premiums as insurance company provide discounts on vehicles equipped with GPS trackers
  • Locate client’s missing deliveries instead of buying a new one for replacement
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When making major business decisions, managers depend on records, may be just a rough estimates, which is not ideal. GPS tracking system provides companies accurate information managers can utilize in their decision making. Data on driving behavior, vehicle routes, stops, or destination as well as the time it spends on the road. These information can help you make decisions that will truly benefit your business and grow your company into what you want it to be.

GPS fleet tracking can be applied to various industries. Talk to us, learn more about Live Trek technology and how it can help achieve your business goals and needs.

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