Trackimo GPS Tracking Devices

Trackimo GPS Tracking devices are available in several form factors, to match various needs and uses.

Trackimo Accessories

Trackimo gps tracking device with app

Powerful Features.

  • Providing real-time information for everyone.
  • Simple and user friendly application.
  • Worldwide coverage with no additional costs or roaming charges.
  • Advanced GPS & GSM Technology
  • Small, lightweight, with long lasting battery.
  • With Emergency Notification (SOS button)
  • Easy charging through any USB port. It can be charged on the computer, in the car, in the mobile charger.
  • The user can define smart alarms through Trackimo app.
  • With high sensitivity GPS and utilizes cell tower location approximation when GPS is not available.
  • No need to buy SIM card. It is preinstalled on the device.

Trackimo App

Trackimo’s web and smartphone-based App provides a single point of contact for activation, settings, and simultaneous tracking of multiple devices. Using Trackimo App is very simple, easy and user-friendly.

Smart Alarms

Through the app, the user can define to receive notifications if the device changes position or exceeds the speed limit initially set. The user receives alert via mail or SMS.

Dynamic History

All the tracking history is stored and the user can drill down to any time period and view the history in multiple resolutions.

Virtual Fences

The user can define zones in different locations on the map and receive alerts whenever the device comes close to or outside the predefined area.

trackimo gps tracking device web app
Movement Alert

It sends a movement alert to its user when the device starts to move. It works as anti-theft feature for protection of your precious assets.

Multiple Devices

It allows users to view and handle multiple devices on a single map. Device management and settings is managed from a web app, from any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

GPS Reports

Generate on-demand reports from map view. All reports can be easily exported in common formats.