Long Battery Life

GPS tracking systems are solutions that catch eyes of businesses and consumers, especially when they have quick updates and long-lasting battery power.

Finding a gps tracking system that updates 6 times per minute is fairly commonplace these days as cellular technology gets better and better. Unfortunately, when it comes to battery life, GPS tracking still isn’t too adequate, most of these tracking systems last only about 10–15 hours, which is not enough when the person or thing that you’re tracking is in a hot spot.

Good thing there is now a new live GPS tracking device named Trackimo.

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What Is Trackimo?


Trackimo is a GPS vehicle management solution that provides real-time updates as fast as 20 times per minute. It also offers upward of 96 hours worth of motion GPS tracking data.

The intelligently engineered tracker is powerful enough to include a motion detection system that replaces the GPS unit into a mode of sleep when the target vehicle is parked, which means that you can extend the battery life further—up to two months!

GPS Fleet Tracking Management

However, that is not all that makes Trackimo impressive: the tracking system has numerous features designed to enhance surveillance:

  • No software required
  • Mobile phone access
  • Up to 20 updates per minute
  • Safe zone alert
  • Aggressive driving alerts
  • Real-time locations

GPS Tracking for Public Places and Businesses

GPS Tracking


GPS tracking continues to grow as more people and businesses become acquainted with the technology. Seeing firsthand the benefits of location-based technologies, for example, makes it easier for parents to utilize tracking systems to learn where a teen driver is going or if an elderly driver is being safe on the road.

Businesses still continue calling on fleet tracking GPS devices for several applications ranging from mileage accounting to automotive security. The GPS monitoring industry continues to grow at a rapid rate as companies find ways to reduce inefficiencies and families seek better ways to upgrade their safety.

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Emily Moore