GPS Tracking Device

When traveling, a GPS tracking device like Trackimo helps drivers by providing them the correct route toward their destination. As a result, the drivers are able to avoid getting lost and will arrive safely and timely at their intended destination. Additionally, this advanced technology can also assist drivers in finding the closest restaurant or the nearest gas station from their current location.

The GPS tracking technology has many practical application and is a worthy investment. If you’re planning to purchase one, spend enough time on reviewing each GPS tracking product. Make sure that it’s the best deal. You can buy it online or personally in the stores like the ones below.

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GPS Tracking

Automotive Stores

One of the places where you can find GPS tacking devices is at automotive chain stores like Pep Boys ( and AutoZone ( Their stores all over the country sell various types of GPS tracking system. AutoZone even offers a convenient mode of payment to their customer in which the buyers can pay their purchase online and just pick up their GPS unit later on their free time.

Department Stores

Yes, GPS buyers can also get a tracking device at the nearest department store. When shopping at Target ( and Kmart (, they can pick up the device at these stores. They have a great selection of GPS system, they even offer devices with preloaded maps for easier travel. Included in the system aren’t just US roads but also that of Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico—a feature that is very useful when traveling internationally. Reconditioned GPS systems are also being sold at Kmart. If you live far from a major department store, these two chain stores, Kmart and Target, offer delivery of their products for fee.

GPS Fleet Tracking Management
Gadget Stores

Generally, gadget stores are found inside the shopping malls and they sell GPS tracking devices. One is the Brookstone (, which is known for massaging chairs and fitness equipment products. They also stock several GPS systems. Some devices feature periodic road updates. GPS truck navigator, which provides POI to trucks, is also available in their store.

Another gadget store that supplies GPS tracking devices is RadioShack  ( Consumers have a variety of options, from the low-priced basic devices to more advanced GPS system for motorists. Refurbished devices are also available at RadioShack. Like most stores, they also have some products that consumers can purchase exclusively on the Web.

Online Bidding Sites

On online bidding sites like eBay ( and uBid (, you can find a GPS tracking system that suits your budget. The two auction companies let their customers make a bid on several items including GPS systems. Second-hand devices from other users are also available on the Web site. Some small companies also use the bidding site to sell remaining items from their inventory. Buyers are protected from unscrupulous sellers through a warranty that comes with the product.

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