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Global positioning systems, more popularly known as GPS, have become a standard in vehicles and are even a staple feature in smartphones. The mapping devices can be used in more ways than you can ever imagine.

A number of businesses have become more efficient with the use of GPS technology. It is primarily used to manage small and large scale fleets. As a result, the use of GPS creates smooth-flowing business operations as well as producing excellent customer service at the same time. It’s not just businessmen who take advantage of the existence of GPS trackers, families also use these to monitor children or elderly and satisfy their tracking needs.

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Global Positioning System

The ability to distinguish an object’s location and behavior gives people peace of mind. This can be easily done with either a passive device (or GPS logger), which lets users check the GPS activity later, or with an active GPS device that emits live updates. Both trackers have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and they can cater to different clients and their needs.

Below is an explanation on the difference between active GPS tracking devices and passive devices.

  • Passive GPS tracking devices—this type of tracker does not monitor in real time, meaning you won’t be able to distinguish every last movement of the object you are tracking. Instead, all the GPS activities are stored inside the tracker and users will need to connect this to a computer to analyze the data. There are many people who purchase GPS tracking devices because aside from the fact that they are reliable, they happen to cost less than active trackers.
  • Active GPS tracking devices—as mentioned above, these trackers cost more than a passive tracker, but its price is easily justifiable with how useful it is. These trackers are attached to any object while an individual monitors all activities from a computer or smartphone. An active tracker is useful when tracking a young child or a family member who is suffering dementia.

A good example of an active GPS system is Trackimo, it comes complete with a detailed mapping system and is capable of determining an individual’s exact location. This is why real-time tracking has become more popular as opposed to GPS logging, as more people see the need of monitoring their assets or loved ones in real time.

GPS Tracking Technology

On which GPS tracking device to use is a personal choice. It all depends on what you will need it for. If you are a business owner, then you will most probably use it to check if your employees are working as instructed and not making unnecessary side trips. Parents, on the other hand, need to be able to track young children whether they are in school or away in camp. A GPS tracker can also be useful when it comes to monitoring a teen driver’s behavior on the road, and it can come in handy when recovering lost pets or prized belongings.

A GPS tracker is typically hardwired to a vehicle or attached to the object you wish to track. Users are sent updates and alerts in the form of e-mail, text, or in-app notifications. Trackimo covers everything from speeding beyond a set threshold to subjects that go pass a designated safe area. No matter what your tracking needs are, you are sure to get benefits from Trackimo.

GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking devices are not just limited to personal and commercial users. Ever since it began in the military, numerous government sectors have applied this to their daily operations. Federal agents have used this to track down notorious criminals and even uncover the locations of most wanted terrorists around the world.

GPS technology has without a doubt made its mark in this world. The things mentioned in this article are just some of the many positive  contributions tracking devices have to offer to the modern society.

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