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Many airports provide shuttle services to its passengers and some shuttles use GPS monitoring devices. Riding a shuttle equipped with GPS tracking device provides passengers a sense of security, knowing that the transport company in charge with the shuttle service care for the safety of their passengers. That’s because the device allows airport shuttle fleet managers to keep an eye on driving habits of shuttle drivers. Bad driving habits such as speeding or sudden acceleration are closely monitored.

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Another benefit of using a tracking device like Trackimo in shuttle fleet is that it can provide passengers an accurate estimated time of arrival. A potential passenger will be given a username and password so they can access the shuttle company’s Web site in their desktop or any mobile devices (tablet, smartphone, or laptop). In the site, the would-be passenger can see the real-time location of the shuttle and the estimated time of its arrival. This way the passenger will no longer have to wait outside his home and go out of his door only when the shuttle arrives to pick him up.

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For airport shuttle providers who want to know more on how other airport shuttle companies are able to trim down operation expenses and improve their business by using the GPS technology, they can contact Trackimo sales specialist at +1 646 626 6116 or visit www.trackimo.com.

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