Group of Children in Camping

Camp is good and intense experience for children to advance their cognitive and social skills and spread their own wings. While at the camp, children will be given new routines different from what they do in school or in home and they will get to meet new friends. That should be exciting enough for them to anticipate the experience.

But that is not the case for some kids. That is why you need to help prepare your kids before they leave home. Not just the packing but also help them face their jitters of going without you.

Here is the list of ideas parents can help their child prepare for camp:

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Camping Stories

Talk about in advance. Tell them about your own camp experiences that would make them excited or find a book about it that you can read with your kids.

Decision-making Process

Include them in the decision-making process. Include the child in evaluating camp options. Look for their friends who want to go to the same camp with your child.

Camp Websites

Settle anxiety by focusing on the positive. Bring out the child’s excitement about the camp by showing him pictures at the camp’s website and telling him about the fun activities they will get to do.

Practicing Separation

Practice separation through sleepovers and play dates. Train your child to not be anxious about him/her being separated from you by letting them play out of the house or a friend’s house.

Comfortable Kid

Pack a few of their favorite items from home. Letting your child bring along with him/her a stuffed toy or a picture from your home will make them feel comfortable.


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Trevor Wilson